Mickey in Bloom

Mickey in Bloom

Since 2004, I don’t think I’ve taken a trip to Disneyland without some sort of camera in my hands. And there’s been a couple of times when I’ve carried two...plus a video camera. I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed. But you never know when you might come across the perfect shot at just the right time. Like the time we saw wrestling legend Mick Foley coming off of Big Thunder Railroad and were lucky enough to have a camera in hand. Plus, the way the park is constantly changing, you never know what might be gone the next time you visit.

As an amateur photographer, one of my favorite things to take pictures of are the various flowers that bloom throughout the park. There are some interesting shots you can get depending on where you look, such as the magical picture below that I took on Leap Day 2012. 

 Now you’ve got to admit, there’s something special about those three clumps of flowers. Definitely not just ordinary. 


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